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Aug 10 10

Why I don’t use the Apple iTunes Store

by Vincent

Last week I was talking with my colleagues (which are Apple fans just like me) about the iTunes Store. One colleague mentioned that he bought songs in the iTunes app on his iPhone. Then his iPhone was erased and he wanted to download the songs again from the iTunes store. But when he tried to do that he saw he had to purchase the songs again. The same thing happens when you bought songs in the iTunes application on you’re Mac or PC and the hard drive crashes and have no backup’s of you’re songs. After you installed you’re new hard drive and reinstalled iTunes again you will find out that you have to purchase all you’re songs again. read more…

Jun 22 10

PHP PDU Class – (Send SMS with PHP)

by Vincent

For a project I wanted to send SMS messages with PHP. I figured a few things out that I will discuss in this blogpost. But the most important thing is the first release of the PHP PDU Class. read more…

May 13 10

Mac OS X: Empty Trash (the hard way)

by Vincent

I just ran into a small Mac OS X Snow Leopard bug when I wanted to empty the trash. It gave me the -8003 error after the empty trash command in Finder. A quick search on Google teaches me that this is a Snow Leopard bug. So how to fix this issue? read more…

May 4 10

Mac OS X: Optimization

by Vincent

On the Internet you can find a lot of information about Mac OS X optimization. I picked out some tips for you that I found very useful when optimizing my Mac.

Update all your software
Use the Apple Software Update but also check all the other applications on you’re system for updates. This gives you the most recent software with the latest bug fixes and frequently some speed optimizations. read more…

Apr 18 10

IE6 and the (double) scrollbar issue

by Vincent

Last week I fixed a very strange IE6 bug. In the first place Internet Explorer 6 showed no scrollbar at all where other ‘normal’ browsers did when they should. Everybody is familiar with IE6 problems like this because it has a lot of bugs as you may know. So I did a little research and find out about the ‘Holly Hack’ that should fix the IE6 scroll problem. Unfortunately it did not fix my problem so I changed the height and width of the body tag with CSS to 100% which fixed the problem on some pages. Yes on some pages because IE6 showed a double scrollbar on some other pages. read more…

Apr 8 10

PHP Tip: Use single quoted strings

by Vincent

In PHP we have two different ways of defining strings and you should be aware of the difference between them.

Single quoted style.
$text = 'This is a small text.';
Double quoted style.
$text = "This is a small text.";

When using the single quoted style you force the string between the quote’s to be a ‘real’ string without any special characters or variables. By special characters I mean characters like new line breaks ‘\n’ or a carriage return ‘\r’ for example. Yes, special characters and variables are supported in the double quoted style, lets take a look at this example.
read more…

Apr 8 10

Blog online!

by Vincent

The blog is finally online! I am still working on some improvements but it is online and from now on I will start to place posts on it. I hope you like it.